About Me - victoriamchughphotography
11-3 promo shot (35) 8X10 B&W

Photography is a 10+ year love affair.

There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you love and loving what you do.

Like most of you, my passions are many.

I have a houseful of my people and animals to love and be loved by.

I coach soccer, play tennis and love to swim, read and sing.

My favorite seasons are Fall, Summer, Spring Break, Spring and Winter... in that order.

Home-made chicken and dumplings, warm blankets, hot chocolate, and pretty much everything else with chocolate in its name.

Beautiful natural spaces, water and sunlight. The smell of fresh cut wood.

The soft skin, sweet sounds and smell of a new baby. Laughter.

Clean beautiful lines and paint in a new home. (and DIY projects)

Blends of color, and the shades of black and white.

Good friends.

Saying good night and good morning to my babies, no matter how big they get.

I work around the Lake Geneva WI area, but travel as far as Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison.

Newborn portraits  are held in studio or can be done in the comfort of your home. I remember not wanting to leave the house with my first, but know a few new moms who couldn't wait to get out of the house!  The more comfortable the experience for mom, dad and baby the better! As the mom of two preemies I have the utmost care and patience and will let the session move at babies pace! Breaks for fussiness, or feeding are totally natural and expected. And yes, I almost always get peed on, it comes with the territory and doesn’t bother me a bit. (Those funny squirt pictures are real!) Your babies safety and comfort is most important to me!

During your consultation, recommended around 6-7 months we will review beautiful display options and materials as well as gift print options for the extended family. This will provide you with years of compliments and memories about your beautiful baby and this short, but oh so sweet, time you have with them before they take off running! Occasionally I create my own accessories and props so if you have an idea and there is enough time I'm willing to work on it.

Seniors can be in studio or on location. A pre-session meeting to better help me create the images you are looking for can be in the studio, at the coffee shop, or at your home. The midwest has beautiful options for outdoor sessions from June through November! Just remember to check your school deadline and schedule your session for at least a month in advance.

This is your child’s last real school photo, and the beginning of an entirely new chapter. You have done a great job getting them this far, lets leave a lasting impression with their high school crowd and start college or work out right with the perfect first impression of a professional Senior Portrait. Beautiful wall displays, or a book of the images from your session make a great conversation piece, and an exciting way to show how proud you are of your high school graduate! Lets take the time to tailor a session to get them the images they hope for, and you the ones you want as well.

Families Let your silly shine, capture your holiday card, but most important create a beautiful piece of art for the family you have created. Use the holiday card as an excuse to get that family portrait, or the kids photos up on the wall!

Since the advent of digital files, fewer and fewer images are actually printed. I take the overwhelmed out of making a plan for where a family portrait will look great, size recommendations and then shooting to best fit the need. We will sit together and make sure the image is perfect and ready for professional printing. The products you receive will be outstanding, and you can spend time admiring a beautiful piece of artwork instead of shuffling through the thousands of cell phone photos that never see the outside of a computer!

With small children I recommend a portion of your session be spent on candid shots. The best expression of love, affection, and even laughter are often best when not looking at the photographer!

Head Shots  Everyone has it...or everyone should. Linked In, Face Book, business flyers and promotional materials. Let me help you look your best, give a great first impression and unify your look across all marketing avenues. A session typically takes 30min-1hr. In studio or at your office, and should have a lot of attention to detail. Professional hair and makeup are key to a flawless look and recommended but not required. You will use these images to sell yourself for next 2-5 years, lets wow all of your partners and clients. Branding sessions are also available to show you in your element on the job. Together we can make your vision of the best you a reality.

Please contact me directly for information on Commercial, Architectural, Interior design and/or product photography.